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   We want to take a minute to thank Z CAR M Records for making our music heard! Z CAR M took us from unknown to distribute in all the online music stores and saved us months of work allowing us to focus more on our music! Z CAR M – You rock! Asiatica

   I would like to personally thank Z CAR M Records for the wonderful service they extend for us musicians. I personally attest that what they offer is a genuine service to make our songs be heard around the globe thru different online stores. I already recommend Z CARM Records to the songwriters of RATJ Productions, I hope all musicians try this too. Red Tumamak (satisfied artist of Z CAR M Records) Red Tumamak Jr.

“I’ve met Z CAR M Records through the website and they helped me distribute my music through various internet stores. Now I have my music for sale in the online stores thanks to Z CAR M Records. The boys did a good job. I hope you can try out the Z CAR M Records distribution service. Thank you.” – Filipe Ferin

Z CAR M Records exceeded my expectations. They helped me gained my opportunity to share my music to the entertainment world. Berny was kind, courteous and a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend this record label to those looking for maximum exposure. Z CAR M Records makes sure every artist a chance to be heard. I really appreciate the help from this record label as I put my music up. Berny, keep on doing what you do. Much Love to everyone!  Elaiza Belvis

Dear Berny I sincerely thank you for being an authoritative global label for my music piece about a farmer without farmland. It’s a great encouragement for me and all those individual musicians with Global Green Goals. Your kindness is highly appreciated. Ali Moharrek ( Inventor/Musician)