How It Works

How It Works ?

Hello mates, its important for you to understand how all this works. Its not that easy in the beginning, but I am here to help ! So, please take some time, lay back and relax and read all the content below carefully! 

Currently we are accepting Demo Submissions focusing on genres as shown below:
- Indie Rock/Pop - EBM - Industrial - Gothic - Rock - J-Rock - Pop - Wave - Dark Wave - Easy Listening - Ambient - World - Philippine Pop & Rock. Language does not matter !

So, I am sure you all want to know how this works ! But first, maybe a bit to my person. I am a musician since 40 years and have been in many bands before with live concerts. Now producing my own original music. In 1995 I married overthere in the Philippines.

To be honest with you I always dreamed about to get a record deal. Not really to get famous, but to sell my music and finally to see some fruits of my long lasting musical efforts.

For years I was trying to find out, how I actually could do that without spending a fortune of money.

As you maybe know, the good times to catch a deal are over since a long time.

Now, Digital Distribution is the current market and the future.

Mates, we have the possibility to distribute 5 of your songs worldwide for FREE to more than 120 Music Online stores and Download streams. Again - This is FOR FREE !!! Zou would see your single or album on Amazon, Spotify, Deezer, Beatport or iTunes and many more portals. You set your price of your tracks and you would receive a NON - EXCLUSIVE contract for one year from us. In case you dont know about that, its a non binding contract with no obligations. Means, you still can sell your songs around the globe and you would keep your song rights to 100%.

Now, here are the steps what you need to do:

1. We are a Label at the music artist - label portal called Demosend. On this portal, almost everything works online, such as uploads, downloads and so on. Please register there for FREE first !

2. Then upload your 5 songs for FREE and let us know once uploaded -

3.  As we are a label there, we can bid royalties for you. We usually offering 80 to 95% royalties FOR the artist. You can accept our process. Please read through the FAQs of Demosend to understand THEIR distribution procedure.

4. Example: Lets say you have accepted our bid of 95% royalties for you, which means, we will keep 5% of all the income you are getting once your music is online.

5. Then we will send you a signed non-exclusive contract for one year. Download the contract from Demosend and sign is. There are no nasty hidden things, but just read through the contract and if you are happy with it - SIGN IT !

6. Upload your SIGNED contract which we then have to accept.

7. After that - Upload your wave file (do not use any meta data for this wave file)

8. Then you would need to send us your artwork to zcarmrecords at The resolution must be at least 1440 pixels and we would send you a song classification document. There you need to mark all details related to your song, such as production year, language, music genre and of course the price you want to charge.

9. Send both to zcarmrecords at gmail dot com

10. Once we received everything from you, its our turn to start to distribute your songs to more than 130 Music Online Stores and Download Stream Portals.

11. Patience - Please allow 4 to 6 weeks for stores to consider your music. The longer it takes the better it is.

12. You might ask, ok, how do I know which stores accepted my music - Well, just google your artist name and the song title. Then you can see which stores accepted your music. Some stores are quick and for some it takes a while until you see your music online.

13. Please note - Z CAR M Records has absolutely NO control over which stores would accept your music by the end of the day.

In case of any questions, please do not hesitate to ask me, I am always here to help !!!!

Best regards



CEO Z CAR M Records Ireland