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5 Songs - Distribution to more than 150 Online Stores And Stream Portals for 1 year


Including A One Year Non-Exclusive Contract

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1 Album - Distribution to more than 150 Online Stores And Stream Portals for one year. Plus band promotion on this website -

Up to 17 Songs - 12,00 Euro

Including A One Year Non-Exclusive Contract


For only 49,00 Euro

We are offering a physical CD Production for you. All you need to do it to provide us with your high resolution Artwork and your songs in mp3  or wave format.

What Do I Get:

  • A one year year non-exclusive contract from Z CAR M Records. This means there are no obligations or bindings whatsoever. You still can offer your song material to any other music platforms around the globe.
  • Your album would appear on more than 150 Music Online stores and Download Stream Portals, such as Amazon worldwide, Spotify, Deezer, iTunes, Google Play and many other music online stores.
  • Your album would appear on our website

Your Audio CD Album Manufacturing:

1 CD (1 to 16 of your own songs)

We need your:  High Resolution Artwork. Up to 2000 x 2000 px or more) and all songs in mp3 or wave  format.

One Time Fee: 49,00 Euro

This offer does NOT include any other song or artist promotion !


Additional Audio CD Ordering - Prices Per Single CD:

1-5 units each 6,00 USD
6-99 units each 5,25 USD
100-199 units each 4,20 USD
200-299 units each 4,05 USD
300-499 units each 3,90 USD
500-749 units each 3,30 USD
750-999 units each 2,70 USD
1000+ units each 2,40 USD

For shipping fees, please CONTACT us !

If you want us to remaster your original track we will remaster it to a brilliant sound.

Just send us your wave file with a low volume saved as 24 Bit and we can do that for you for a low price of 10,00 Euro per song.

Just CONTACT us !