Z CAR M Records are based in Malahide, Co. Dublin Ireland and was founded on February 05, 2017. Officially registered on March 06, 2017.

Behind Z CAR M Records stands “Berny” who is a single soloartist himself with the Artistname “Z CAR M”. He is composing and arranging his own original songs since 40 years and decided to give birth to his own music record label.

Since a long time Z CAR M considered to help other artists to spread their music all over the net. But all this is a kind of working hand in hand.

Even though Z CAR M never landed a Record Deal, but signed some contracts of songs which were distributed on online music stores, the name Z CAR M appears all over the net when googeling.

Please note, we were owner of the domain “zcarm.com”since many years, until it was forgotten to renew and a Japanese registrar jumped in to use this domain as it had a high rank already on Google. This domain is in NO relation to their business and just using this domain as a place holder.

But shit happens.

So our official Z CAR M Music Website is: 


Owner Of The Domain www.zcarmrecords.com is:

Bernhard A. Racz

City: Malahide, Co. Dublin, Ireland
Email: zcarmrecords at gmail dot c om

Here Our Business Registration Form