Welcome To Z CAR M Records


We are a new independent music label base in Ireland for digital music distribution !

We will distribute your original songs digitally to more than 120+ Music Online Stores and Download Stream Portals !

You'll get your music heard, reach new fans and


As a FREE gift we are now offering an international distribution of two of your songs absolutely FOR FREE !

In Order To See How Our Service Works,

We Are Offering A FREE Distribution Of Two Of Your Songs For FREE And For One Year ! 


Plan A:

Get 5 Songs Distributed For Only 15 Euro !

Plan B:

Get 10 Songs Distributed For Only 25 Euro

Plan 3:

Get 20 Songs Distributed For Only 35 Euro

Please note, for each plan you will receive a one year non-exclusive contract. This means you will keep your copyrights to 100% and you still can sell you songs around the globe !

Yes, We Are Musician Ourselves And We Just Want To Help You !

For an better overview, here in steps what we can offer:

  • Digital Music Distribution to more than 120 Music Online Stores, such as Amazon, Spotify, iTunes, Google Play and many many more...

  • A One Year Non-Exclusive Contract - No obligations, no bindings

  • Free Service For You: We will publish your singles/albums on our website - Please see our Artists HERE (click on any artist name)

  • If you need a physical CD for selling on your gigs, or for Record Labels, we can manufacture professional CDs, with Jewel Cases, NO INKET printing, produced in USA (not included in above plans) - Please check HERE for more information 

Any Questions Upfront ? Please Ask Us ! CONTACT

Audio CD Manufacturing Service - You finally want to hold your very own physical Audio CD in your hands - Then click HERE