Welcome To Z CAR M Records

We are a brand new independent music label based in Ireland for digital music distribution !

We will distribute your original songs digitally in more than 120+ Online and Streaming Stores.

You’ll get your music heard, reach new fans and keep 80 to 95% of your revenue.

Just send us your music Demos and we will listen to ALL songs will would receive !

Yes, We Are Musician As Well And Just Want To Help You !

For an better overview, here in steps what we can offer:

  • Digital Music Distribution to more than 120 Music Online Stores, such as Amazon, Spotify, iTunes, Google Play and many more...
  • Manufacturing your own physical CD Album
  • Remastering your bad quality Demo song into a crystal clear Studio version
  • Converting different formats

Listen To Our Work - Left: Original Demo Room Version - Right Our Studio Version - Song Title: Ating Atin

Price Per Song Only 12 USD - Please CONTACT Us For More Infos:

This is the original demo version - Ating Atin - The artist gave us permission to use his song as a presentation on our website !

This is the Studio version Z CAR M Records produced for the Philippine mate:


Our Organizing Partner In The Philippines For Live Events"

If you are interested in playing at live events, please send your enquiries to our partner in the Philippines to